GreNo West: Residents file complaint against breakdown of lift at Cherry County

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Apr 26, 2019

Following the explosion of the hydrant landing valve which affected the lift operations for nearly 48 hours at Cherry County at Greater Noida West, the residents have complained against the builder at the Bisrakh police station.

The hydrant landing valve was exploded at 19th floor of Tower B4 which resulted in water flowing down along with debris and glass pieces to the below floors and service lifts.

After this incident, there was also a free fall of service lift from 6th to 5th floor while it was occupied by 3 ladies and kids.

People, living in high rise, were dearly affected by the closing of lift operations. They complained about a lot of inconvenience to people living on upper floors of the tower. The management was unable to fix the problem early. They took 48 hours to rectify the problem.

Pradeep Rai, one of the residents said, “Lift service resumed today but it was too late and it was done after several residents sit on protest at management office last night. We raised alarm soon after lift got stuck. Many people, who were unable to use stairs, waited for hours at society’s club.”

The residents also alleged serious security evasion by the builder in its agreement with the OTIS Lift Service provider. The main cause of the big delay was unavailability of the backup spare parts of the lift.

In the complaint, the residents have pointed out absence of emergency exit plan measure. They have also complained about carelessness on the part of the builder as they had not conducted any drills to prepare for such kind of calamity.

Apart from the lift failure, the residents were also hassled by the flow of water on the stairs. They had no option but to use stairs after lift failure and they found it very difficult to commute to and from their apartments.

The lack of definition for turnaround time (TAT) for fixture of such kind of issues by the builder was another issue that was raised by the residents. The residents said in the complaint that fire safety audit reports should also be shared by the builders.

They also demanded for proper escalation matrix to deal with such kind of emergency situations.

Sunil Sachdev, another resident said, “I won’t say that services are poor in the society but this incident surprised me as management did not turn up as quick as they were required. In a 29-storey building where 174 families are living, lift is an essential service. People were greatly hassled. I hope it would not be repeated and the management would take the issue on priority.”

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