Amrapali case: SC shocked over manipulation of its order
Amrapali case: SC shocked over manipulation of its order
Praveen Dwivedi
Amrapali case: SC shocked over manipulation of its order
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Amrapali case: SC shocked over manipulation of its order

While hearing a batch of petitions of home buyers against the Amrapali Group, the Supreme Court on Wednesday noticed change in its original order which prompted the court to issue warning against Registry staffers.

The incident came into light when the top court found that the name of forensic auditor mentioned in its order was changed. In its original order, the name of the forensic auditor was Pawan Agarwal whereas it was changed to Ravinder Bhatia.

It said that such kind of actions will not be tolerated at any cost and there will be strict action against the person for attempts to destroy the institution.

The top court took the matter into cognizance and said, “People are manipulating court staffs for their own benefits which would not be tolerated at any cost.”

As a matter of fact, this was not the first occasion when such types of manipulations have come into light. In February, the top court had terminated two staffs for making changes in its order which gave impressions that businessman Anil Ambani was exempted from appearing in court in contempt case filed by Ericsson.

After pointing out manipulations, a bench of justices Arun Mishra and UU Lalit made modifications in the order and asked the directors of supplier firms involved with Amrapali Group to appear before forensic auditor Pawan Agarwal from May 9 for three days failing which it will subject to contempt of court.

The bench was livid while questioning how come name of forensic auditor was changed in the order sheet. It said, “It is unfortunate, shocking and surprising that orders of this court are being manipulated and influenced. It is a sorry state of affairs in the Supreme Court. This cannot be tolerated. Few days back similar thing happened in Justice RF Nariman's court and now again this has happened.”

The top court said that there was action against two people at that time as they were removed. It said that such actions do not seem to be enough and strong message against the people should be sent by taking stern action.

The May 2 order said, “It is directed that all the Directors of M/s. Jotindra Steel and Tubes Ltd., M/s. Mauria Udyog Ltd., M/s. Bihariji Properties Pvt Ltd., M/s. Bihariji Developers Private Limited, M/s. Bihariji Highrise Private Limited and M/s. Sarvome Housing Private Limited, shall report at the Office of Ravinder Bhatia, Forensic Auditor along with all the documents required by them with respect to total transactions for next three days during 11 AM to 5 PM.”

The apex court also said that it has identified the involved person and it is making efforts to contact him.

The bench is hearing a batch of petitions of 42,000 home buyers against the Amrapali Group which has failed to give possessions of flats to them.

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