RESIDENT SPEAK: Spaces along service lanes in filth at Sec 22 in Dwarka

By Rakesh Sharma
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 10, 2019

The triangular piece of lands at service lanes and corners of the roads in Sector 22 are in a filthy state these days. These places are frequently used for dumping waste and construction debris.

Couple of years back, a patch, near DDA SFS flats in Sector 22, was fenced with the boundary wall but that did not make any difference as the space continued to be used for dumping purposes.

Not only this, but, people are also in the habit of using the dead space between the boundary wall of the triangular space as urinal. This causes a lot of filth and stink in the area.

I have seen many such spaces across the city which are in bad shape. Some of such spaces have been beautified under Dwarka B Ward by South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC). 

But, still, the number of places which has been beautified is very less in comparison to the places which are in bad shape. There spaces are under the jurisdiction of Delhi Development Authority (DDA). They must look after its maintenance.

DDA should involve RWAs and social organisations and and inspire them to adopt such places to keep them clean and maintained. 

Also under public participation schemes of DDA, such spaces should be maintained. 

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