Eco Village II: Residents endure blistering heat amid long power failure

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: May 10, 2019

Amidst the blistering heat which is difficult to withstand, the power supply to Eco Village II, a residential society in Greater Noida West, has been interrupted since 11 pm on Thursday night. The cause for power interruption, as City Spidey was informed, is the failure of transformer. The residents are forced to live without power for quite a long period now.

Left with no choice but to survive either temporarily through DG connection, high charges for DG by the management has become another concern for the residents.

The people, who have not taken the connection of DG sets, have no option but to endure the heat in absence of electricity. This has become especially tough for people as they have now got accustomed to living with fans and air conditioners. 

Ashish Kumar, a flat owner who do not have DG connection for power backup said, “DG connection cost around Rs 20-22 per unit that is why I preferred to use inverter but it can’t run now because it has been more than 15 hours. There are many flat owners in the society who have disconnected DG connections due to high charges.”

With each passing hour, the wait for power is annoying the residents. Residents raised questions on the action of the management of the society. 

“Surviving without power for over 15 hours at high temperature is very difficult. Those, who have kids are worried for their children and they are in panic situation. We can understand that technical fault can happen but taking so much time to replace transformer with new one shows the failure of the management,” said Mihir Kumar, another resident of the society.

On top of it, the residents have been forced to face issues with lifts also. Living without lift services is unimaginable at the high rise buildings. After the interruption of power supply, people are facing a lot of difficulties while commuting to and from their apartments. 

“Although the lifts are operational but are being stopped for time to time. Today morning, a young girl was stuck in the lift as it was stopped without any prior information,” said a resident who requested not to be named.

“I spoke to NPCL to know when exactly the transformer will be replaced as the management blamed NPCL for this power crisis. The official said that it is society’s fault and not the NPCL as the disruption has occurred inside the society,” said another resident on condition of anonymity.

When City Spidey spoke to Ajeet Kumar, one of the employees associated with the maintenance department in the society, he said, “We are trying to replace transformer and provide power to the residents as soon as possible.”

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