Noida: Residents vow for better waste disposal at Sec 31
Noida: Residents vow for better waste disposal at Sec 31
Ramesh Kumar
Noida: Residents vow for better waste disposal at Sec 31
Photo: City Spidey

Noida: Residents vow for better waste disposal at Sec 31

Nothing can be a better gift to mother earth than maintaining its purity in best possible manner. To achieve this, residents of Sector 31, a day before World Mother’s Day, vowed to refrain from throwing trash at open spaces. Now, they also decided to segregate the waste for better environment friendly processing.

Residents also decided to set up a plant for disposal of waste generated every day. They procured drum composters, a mechanised set up for converting kitchen waste into compost, on subsidy.

Sunil Sethi, president of resident welfare association, Sector 31, informed, “The processing will begin after a couple of days. The mechanised set up is getting ready and collection of waste from every house will begin soon.”

Technicians installing the set up explained that it won't have any harm on human health as the kitchen waste starts disposing after three days after it was put into the drum. First, liquid comes out from the processed waste, which is used for spraying at fruit garden.

Within a cycle of two weeks, compost becomes ready and it is dried for fertilising plants and saplings. He told that it also doesn't stink except for the rainy season when it can stink a little.

As the processing is likely to begin, residents organised an awareness program to educate home makers and maids, who are expected to play a pivotal role for the success of the move.

During half an hour of awareness program, residents were explained importance of segregating dry and wet waste. They were also sensitised about the ill-effects when the waste are not segregated. It has adverse impact on soil, air and water and ultimately on surroundings in which we live in.

Rajiva Singh, president of Noida federation of apartments associations, an umbrella body of high rises, was invited to make people aware about how important it is to segregate waste and give it to waste collector.

He told that two buckets should kept at home for storing dry and wet waste separately. He also explained that dumping of waste at landfill site is causing pollution and contaminating ground water which we consume after purifying them.

Rajiva, a telecom engineer by profession, has taken keen interest in the initiative for making Noida, a clean and green city. He has been visiting maximum number of societies in the city to motivate residents to come forward for dry and wet waste segregation at source.

He stressed need of beginning the processing. He told that if it is started by few, more people will be encouraged to join the move. But starting the process is important as it encourages others, he told gathering at a park in Sector 31.