Gurugram: Regular dumping of waste on main road causes great inconvenience

By Ankit Shah
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 16, 2019

The residents of Surya Vihar society and the nearby areas are constantly troubled by the large quantity of waste that is being dumped on the main road. The society is located opposite of Kirti Montessori School. 

The RWA claimed that they have complained to the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) in the past and said that the issue has been persistent since the past 5-6 months now.

According to the Secretary of the RWA, Harish Gangolia, “We have complained about the waste accumulation on the main road to the MCG. They do send some teams to clean up the road. But the waste gets accumulated again.”

When asked on who collects the waste from the society, he said, “The staffs from Eco Green company comes to clear up the waste of the society and the MCG trucks also come to pick it up.”

He further added, “The waste accumulation is a big issue for the residents and the people passing by. The real problem is not the waste but the place where the waste is dumped. Who would dump the waste on a main road?”

He also said, “Now that summer days are here, there will be hot air. The hot air will carry the foul smell into houses and building premises.”

He concluded by saying, “Why doesn’t the MCG go for a permanent solution to the whole problem.”

When City Spidey contacted ASI Harish Sharma from the Nagar Nigam, he said, “The waste gets picked up every single day.”

When asked about why there was waste on the main road and why doesn’t the MCG go for a permanent solution, he said, “The waste of the road gets dumped somewhere else. He also said that there will be a permanent solution to the entire issue.”

He said, “There is an NGO which will be active in Ward 14 and it will also make a composting site in the area.”

He added that the waste problem will be taken care of and there will be door to door waste picking facility as soon as possible. “After doing this, there will be no need to dump waste on the roads,” he added.

He didn’t comment when City Spidey asked him about taking up the task of penalising those who dump the waste on the main road.

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