People complain rampant violation of traffic rules in Dwarka
People complain rampant violation of traffic rules in Dwarka
Akhilesh Pandey
People complain rampant violation of traffic rules in Dwarka
Photo: City Spidey

People complain rampant violation of traffic rules in Dwarka

In Dwarka, wrong side driving has become a common sight these days. Police claim that they are taking actions against such violations, but there has not been improvement in the wrong practices as yet. 

There are many places where the wrong side driving can be easily seen. Not only cars and bikes, but heavy vehicles, school vans and DTC buses are also violating the traffic rules. 

Residents of the sub city said that they experience a tough time in the morning hours at signals in the area. 

General secretary of federation of RWAs of Sector 9, MK Singh said, “In the morning, school vans violate the traffic rules to save their time. They drive carelessly and create a dangerous situation for the other commuters. Also the other vehicles too violate the traffic rules by taking wrong side. Wrong side driving is rampant at signals near Dwarka Court. It is also very common near Palam Flyover.”

There are places where wrong side driving and jumping of red lights are very common. Such practice is being done openly. Such violations are common at the signal of Sector 3, at the signal near MRV Bus Stand, at KM Chowk, at Vivekanad Chowk and at the intersections of Sector 6/10/5/11 and at the signals  near DCP office.

“The irony is that the traffic police carries the drive after long intervals and hence the violators feel no fear of law. Also, the heavy vehicles, big luxurious cars are generally left to go even if they violate the rules. One can observe this in the area. Traffic police should ensure a safe space for commuters who follow the rules,” said a resident of Sector 19 and vice president of Dwarka Forum, Sunil Sareen.

People also said that tinted glass vehicles are seen in the sub city near the wine and beer shops or in isolated lanes and roads. They said that many times such vehicles pass in front of the traffic police but they did not take notice. 

President of Ganpati Apartments Sector 9, KS Bhati said, “Traffic police ignore such vehicles. The checking of wrong side driving and tinted glass vehicles should be strictly done. Earlier there were riders in the area who used to chase and catch the violators but now they are not visible. They should think over such issues seriously.”

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