Best ways to keep yourself hydrated during blazing summer onslaught
Best ways to keep yourself hydrated during blazing summer onslaught
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Best ways to keep yourself hydrated during blazing summer onslaught
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Best ways to keep yourself hydrated during blazing summer onslaught

As the blistering heat has arrived in the city, people are struggling to negotiate it perfectly especially when they are outdoors. Temperatures are hovering around its highest range making lives difficult. In such a scenario, it is advisable for people to take good care of themselves. 

One can look for ways to keep themselves perfectly hydrated so that they are free from any health issues. It is also important from the point of view that being perfectly hydrated help them in continuing with their daily routines. 

One of the most common condition, that people go through during summer, is dehydration. It is a condition where body loses significant amount of water with minerals and electrolytes. If someone is facing this condition, then any illness like fever, loose motions and vomiting may aggravate the situation. 

One can make out that he/she is facing dehydration when there are symptoms such as increased thirst, dry mouth, weakness, headaches, dizziness, muscle cramps, dry and cracked lips, irritability and dark-coloured urine.

Here are the ways one can avert the chances of dehydration:

Increase water and fluid intake

One of the best and easiest ways to keep yourself hydrated is by increasing water intake. People are advisable to drink plenty of water all throughout the day. The other substitutes can be coconut water, lemon water, fresh buttermilk, clear soup and fruit juices. These fluids will help in maintaining the electrolyte levels. 

Choose your clothes wisely

It is important to keep your wardrobes according to the season. Loose-fitting, light weight, light-coloured cotton clothes are the best for summer season. Dark coloured clothes should be avoided as they absorb heat and make it uncomfortable. Loose-fitting clothes give proper space for evaporation of sweats.

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Opt for your sun protection

It is advisable to avoid going outdoors during blazing sun. If needed, people should use the sun protection wisely. One can always walk in the shade, wear hats, sunglasses and umbrella. To avoid sunburns, people are advisable to apply sunscreens with SPF higher than 15. 

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Diuretics should be avoided

Any substance which increase the production of urine falls under the category of diuretics. It takes out fluids outside the body. Alcohol and caffeine containing beverages like coffee, cola are diuretics. One should avoid taking these things during summer. As well, use of tobacco and smoking should be avoided.

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Increase intake of fruits and vegetables

Watermelon, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, oranges, grapes and banana are rich in water content, essential minerals, and electrolytes. One should always try to have these fruits and vegetables to keep your health in best possible manner during summer. People are also suggested to avoid oily, spicy and pungent foods.

Stay away from heavy workouts

Heavy workouts always take a toll on your body as it drains out a lot of sweat from the body. It can easily cause dehydration. If you love workouts and cannot afford to stay out of it then you should always do it indoors. People are advised to drink plenty of water before going for workouts.