Noida Mahagun Moderne: Long power cut leaves residents in lurch

Posted: Jun 04, 2019

Residents of Mahagun Moderne, an upscale residential society in Noida Sector 78, were left without electricity for several hours on Saturday night. The situation worsened when the power back-up system installed in the society failed to work causing black-out like situation in the society.

Angry residents thronged the management office and even got into a ‘verbal spat’ with the family members of society's president while he was away.

Sandeep Chaudhary, the sitting president of the apartment owners’ association (AOA) of Mahagun Moderne, complained that a bunch of residents knocked at his house at night while he was out of town. “When my family members informed them that I was not at home, they started arguing with them,” he added.

Sandeep also added that as soon as there was a power cut in the society, residents went to the maintenance office at night. “The staff at the office informed them that they (residents) should talk to the society's president. This is when they quickly rushed to my flat,” he said.

The society’s maintenance responsibility is still with the developer and the residents have been fighting to take hand over for a long time, claimed Sandeep. “The developer is also not installing a high-power DG set to meet the increasing demand for power consumption in the society. And the residents take out their anger at AOA members and in this case my family, which is wrong. I feel that my family is not safe here,” he said.

Rahul Sagar Sahay, an ex-office bearer of the society, said that residents had first called president and secretary of AOA for a meeting to resolve the issue of power outage but that did not happen. This angered the residents who then decided to meet these people at their home. “The entire episode is being blown out of proportion,” said Sahay.

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