Greater Noida: Perennial issues with maintenance triggered brawl at AVJ Heights
Greater Noida: Perennial issues with maintenance triggered brawl at AVJ Heights
Praveen Dwivedi
Greater Noida: Perennial issues with maintenance triggered brawl at AVJ Heights
Photo: City Spidey

Greater Noida: Perennial issues with maintenance triggered brawl at AVJ Heights

The brawl that happened between two groups at AVJ Heights in Greater Noida on Sunday appears to be a long-standing conflict. Based on the information from the residents of the society, the conflict among the two groups had emerged with formation of the Apartment Owners Association (AOA) way back in 2016.

As City Spidey was informed, the developer of the society had then approached the registrar office in Meerut saying the society was yet to receive completion certificate from the Greater Noida Authority and hence the elected AOA should be dissolved. 

Accordingly, two months after the AOA formation, it was dissolved by the registrar office. Since then, the conflict on accepting maintenance charges and others have been a conflicting issue in the society.

“After the AOA was dissolved, the management wrote letters to Greater Noida Authority and District Magistrate requesting them to appoint an observer to look after the daily maintenance issue of the society. However, observer was not appointed and problem for the residents mounted as entire maintenance system collapsed,” said Jaswinder Singh, one of the AOA members.

Meanwhile, another section of residents decided to form a group of volunteers among the residents to look after the daily maintenance issue including collection of monthly maintenance charges from the residents. 

However, volunteers' team also faced the allegations. “Volunteers' team was formed on behalf of the builder and majority of residents were ready ready to accept it,” said, Ashish Parasar, another member of AOA.

Later in August 2018, the society's developer was charged by Gautam Budh Nagar police for allegedly selling one flat to multiple persons. Since then, the builder is on the run.

Meanwhile, the AOA reached out to the Allahabad High Court against registrar’s order. The court on April 24 this year put an stay on registrar’s order. 

“Until further order of this court, the operation of the impugned order dated 21/8/2018 and 28/1/2019 passed by deputy registrar, Meerut and commissioner shall remain stayed,” court’s order read. The court has fixed July 4 for the next hearing on this issue.

The fresh round of conflict began after the management (AOA) hired a third party to look after the house keeping of the society. “After getting stay from the court, AOA hired a third party (private firm) to look after maintenance issue. The situation had become worse and it was necessary to improve the situation at society better and provide services to the residents,” Parasar added.

On last Sunday, the day scuffle broke, head of the hired firm for house keeping management, Anil Baisla visited to the society, claimed a resident.

However, Ayushi Tiwari, one of the residents, who is involved in the conflict, has different view on Sunday’s fight. She claimed that she was sitting in her flat with couple of police officials. “I had called police as someone had tried to break my lock couple of days,” she said.

Tiwari further said, “Couple of AOA members along with bouncers barged into my flat and started abusing me despite I had nothing to do with this issue. They hurled abuses and thrashed me alleging that I am acting on behalf of the builder and creating hindrance on functioning of AOA.”

“Heated arguments were exchanged and suddenly it turned into fight. Police were called but the fight continued in their presence,” said a resident on condition of anonymity.

Couple of videos went viral on social media and both sides claimed that bouncers were called by the opposite party and the Greater Noida police is investigating the issue.

Both sides claimed to have lodged FIR against each other, however, according to the police only one FIR has been registered. “Only one party has lodged FIR and one person (Anil Baisla) was arrested. We are investigating the issue in detail,” said Munish Chauhan, SHO, Surajpur police station.

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