Noida: Residents get terrified after spotting of snake at doorstep in Sec 108

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 01, 2019

After spotting of a snake at the door of a house, the residents are concerned about their safety at Sector 108 in Noida. The snake had reached the door of the house number B-9 on Monday morning.

Following which, the residents complained that there are around 300 vacant houses in the sector which were partly built after allotment of plots by the Noida Authority. 

But these houses are vacant as their owners had never come to reside there. As a result, weeds have come up inside these houses and they become prone to habitation of reptile animals.

Ranvir Sharma, a resident of Sector 108, told that the Authority had allotted 850 plots in total to individuals for constructing homes on the plots. “Out of total plots, only 60 per cent of individuals had built homes and they have been residing there. The remaining are partly built and noone resides there,” he said.

He pointed out that they had built houses only to get completion certificate. He said, “As per the rules, if houses were not built within a span of two years, the allotment would have been cancelled. In this case, the Authority invites fresh application of re-allotment. It is not certain that the previous allottee will get the plot again as the allotment is carried out on lottery.”

Sharma said that these house have become habitation of reptile animals. These animals are being seen frequently, which is not safe for families, who have been residing in the sector. 

He said that he had given a list of these vacant houses to concerned officer from work circle 8 requesting them to take correcting steps for solving the problem. But they have also not been doing much to solve this problem. Due to this, families are living in fear of the reptile animals.

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