5 types of annoying neighbours (Part 2)
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5 types of annoying neighbours (Part 2)

City Spidey brings you five other types of neighbours who can have you tearing your hair out.

5 types of annoying neighbours (Part 2)

Ok, so we went through five different types of annoying neighbours yesterday. 

Are those the only types? No. Of course there are a lot more.

City Spidey brings you the sequel — five other types of neighbours that can get you banging your head against the wall. And how to survive them:

1. The story-teller

So your neighbour has stories to tell. Every body loves stories. But what if all he has to say is drab and uninteresting. On top of that, what if he refuses to stop? Imagine yourself tapping your foot restlessly, trying to hint that you have someplace else to be. Your neighbour, however, is oblivious to your subtle non-verbal cues, as he launches into another one of his 'gems'. You dread meeting him in the lift lobby, or anywhere, for that matter. You feel this strong urge to run away as you see him approaching you, mouth open to utter the first word of a new story.

What you should do: Find out about his routine and make sure you don't bump into him. If you do bump into him, be polite, smile, and excuse yourself. 

2. The know-it-all

You didn't even know this?! Your neighbour did. If you have a neighbour who thinks he knows everything, talking with him can become tiring pretty quickly. Probably making up for knowing nothing, this type of neighbour is a pain in the wrong place. He has answers to every question, a solution for every problem and he is a subject matter expert on every issue. Only, you wish it were true.

What you should do: Humour him. And have fun.

3. The depressed

You bump into your neighbour and you flash your best smile as you greet him. But all you get in return is a cold stare. One that can blot out the sun on an Indian summer noon. Some people are just not happy and they have no clue why the other person is. 

What you should do: Don't let it affect you. You carry on with your cheery disposition and keep spreading good vibes as usual.

4. The drunkard

He loves the bottle. But that's not the problem. Your neighbour has a penchant for being really loud after the sun goes down. He has parked his car in your lawn a couple of times. He leaves broken bottles on the road. And worst of all, his friends come over every now and then. 

What you should do: First, what you shouldn't. Never talk to him when he's inebriated. Do discuss the matter with him when he's in his senses. Lay down the rules. 

5. The cradle-of-filth

Your neighbour's yard is usually clean. Yours however, isn't. Because your neighbour believes your garden is his dumping ground. No, he believes any place apart from his own house is his dumping ground. He has absolutely no civic sense and no consideration for others. Swachh Bharat? What's that?

What you should do: Draw the lines at the very onset. Make it very clear that it is not acceptable to you. Worst case scenario, gang-up with the better neighbours and knock some sense into him.