Dwarka: DJB slam societies heafty penalty for not submitting RWH certificates

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 18, 2019

Dwarka based residential societies requested the Delhi Jal Board to waive off their Rain Water Harvesting penalty claiming that they were not aware of the norms.

The situation came into light when the societies received water bills with an additional amount for the penalty for not providing Rain Water Harvesting System maintenance certificates. The penalty imposed is half of the total amount of the bill.

Dwarka Sector 3 based Astha Kunj Apartments is one of the societies which are asked to pay the penalty. Society's president AK Dhar, said despite submitting the RWH certificate on time, the DJB has imposed such penalty, claiming that their structure was not up to the guidelines of the board. He said, "We have RWH system since 2004 and every year we submit the certificate. This year too, we gave them the certificate, but suddenly the structure was not up to the mark and as per their mentioned guidelines. It is really frustrating. They should consider it and waive off our penalty for the year,” he said.

Meanwhile, there are other societies like People Conservative CGHS, Sector 18B which is fined with penalty worth 40,000 INR. Their president, Chanchal Samajpati said that they were not aware of the deadlines for submitting the certificate issued by the Board.

"We submitted the certificate of RWH on 28th June as we thought that the deadline was 31st June. In fact, we were thinking that we submitted it before the deadline. It was a surprise for us to see the water bill with a penalty," Samajpati said.

The president further added that DJB must consider their effort and waive off the charged penalty, as an initiative to create awareness among other societies. "If someone misses the deadline in confusion but follows the rule of submitting the certificate, then DJB should encourage them, instead of penalising them. I request the board to reconsider and take the penalty back. We will take care of the submission date in the coming future," added Samajpati.

As per the rules, the RWH certificate should be submitted by 30th May of every year. In order to create awareness on the issue, the board has continuously been spreading the information through notices and newspapers.

In the penalisation list there are some societies who have submitted their certificates while there are some who are suffering due to their negligence. Balaji Apartments is slammed with the penalty because of the delay in submitting the certificate by the RWA manager.

When City Spidey spoke on the issue with the Executive Engineer DJB, Dwarka, KS Shukla, he said, "RWAs or management of societies could meet him on the subject. He promised to do the needful."

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