Pedestrians cry for safe arrangements to cross busy roads in Dwarka


Pedestrians cry for safe arrangements to cross busy roads in Dwarka

It is a very common to see people dangerously rushing on the busy roads to cross it.

Pedestrians cry for safe arrangements to cross busy roads in Dwarka

Crossing the roads is increasingly becoming a herculean task for the pedestrians in Dwarka. Not only it is tough thing to do but it is also an extremely risky thing. The situation is getting tougher with the increasing vehicles and population. 

It is a very common to see people dangerously rushing on the busy roads to cross it. This situation has cropped up due to the lack of proper infrastructure to give smooth and safe access from one place to other.

Residents of the area are saying that the sub city should have been given underground subways or foot over bridges at least at those places which are very busy and people cross the road to access those places.

One such place is Sector 6 and 10 market area. Naveen Mishra a resident of Sector 10 said, “If one wants to go from Sector 6 market to Sector 10 market, he/she has to cross the road from the middle or take a turn of almost a kilometer. So this is absolutely a failure of planning where there is no facility for pedestrians to cross the road.”

People are facing this problem at most of places on Master Plan roads and near popular markets or busy intersections. What is worse that people are making gaps in the grills installed at divider to cross the roads. They are mostly doing it avoid taking half a kilometer or a kilometer turn from either side. 

Vishal Gupta, a resident of Lovely Home Apartments, Sector 5 said, “At Ashirvad Chowk area, there are four markets and accessing one from another is really difficult for a pedestrian because there are vehicles on the roads and the signals are far from the entrance of the markets.”

“If I have to go from Sector 12 to Sector 4 market, I must have to cover at least 300 meter which is not practical. There is a gap in the grill made by the people and often we take middle of the road to cross and approach that gap to go the other market. Authorities should make a sub way for the pedestrians here,” he added.

These problems can encountered near Sector 6/10 market, around Ashirvad Chowk area having markets of Sector 4,5,11 and 12, at the signal of Sector 1, at Madhu Vihar etc. The situation is even worse for those people who want to cross the road which is going from Sector 3 towards Dwarka Mor. 

At this stretch of about more than a kilometer, there is no place to cross it. People take risk and jump the divider’s grill too. Also, at the major points which are used to cross the roads, pedestrian rights are often violated by the vehicles by encroaching zebra crossing and flouting the pedestrian’s lights. In that condition, crossing the roads has become a difficult task for them.

Residents are now putting their requests in social media groups and residents forum with authorities and demanding to make such major points as pedestrian friendly and provide direct accessibility. 

They are saying that now there is a need of foot over bridge or any such thing at major locations to cross the road for the people. According to sources in the sub city, a joint survey was done earlier in 2010 by DDA and Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure (Planning and Engineering) Centre (UTTIPEC)  in which team of Dwarka Forum was also present but nothing happened after that.

Rejimon CK from Dwarka Forum has been following up the subject by writing to DDA. He was present in that joint survey of the authorities and the residents of the area. 

He said, “It was the survey of UTTIPEC, DDA, MCD and the residents for the whole sub city to get any locations for pedestrian friendly measures. There was a talk of foot over bridge in the sub city that time. But since then there is no development. Authorities should think over it seriously because Dwarka is a Master Plan City and there must be facilities like that.”