Buying stolen phones can put you behind bars
Buying stolen phones can put you behind bars
Akhilesh Pandey
Buying stolen phones can put you behind bars
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Buying stolen phones can put you behind bars

Beware! If you are a frequent buyer of second-hand phones or stolen phones. Your habit of buying costly phones at cheaper rates without any purchasing receipt can put you behind bars.

Recently, a man was arrested from Deep Enclave, Vikas Nagar Part-1, Ranhola, for using a stolen mobile phone. The man is identified as Vipin (25), who had purchased the phone with the help of his sister's ID.

The case came into light during an ongoing investigation related to a robbery that took place in February this year. Two scooty borne riders had snatched a woman's purse containing a mobile phone and Rs 250 at Vikas Nagar area of the national capital.

With the help of the IMEI number, Police tracked down Vipin's sister who further informed them that her brother was using the mobile phone. It was the same phone which was in the victim's handbag. Vipin's arrest followed by his interrogation led to the arrest of the scooty-borne riders.

The robber is identified as Amit Bhandari (26) and Naveen, who admitted the crime. It was later discovered that Bhandari and Naveen were associated with other 10 similar cases. They use to steal two-wheelers from parking areas, which were later used in such robbery cases.

At the time of the raid, police also seized Bhandari's stolen white scooty, which was robbed from Bharat Vihar area. Both the thieves are drug addicts. 

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