Gurugram police to hold parents accountable for underage driving

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 01, 2019

In order to curb the menace of rampant underage driving around the city, the Gurugram Traffic Police will soon launch a major drive against the underage drivers which will make parents of underage drivers liable.

According to the senior official of Gurugram Traffic Police, the parents of minor drivers will be called on the spot to pay the fine and will be booked as per the law.

Himanshu Garg, DCP, Traffic said, "This is a part of our road safety initiative and will be targeted to make the citizen aware of road safety and traffic regulations. Anyone who is found driving below the minimum age then the parents of the child would be called on the spot and will be booked under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. Also, compulsory counselling session will be given to the child as well as the parents, or whoever is the registered owner of the vehicle. This will discourage them from allowing their kids to drive and ensure that they abide by the traffic rules."

The decision was seen as a welcoming move by the residents of Gurugram, who said it will check on the reckless teens driving in the city. "There is a rampant underage driving in the city which needs to be checked. A parent should discourage and prevent their children from driving as it will not only risk their (child's) lives but put others at risk too," Said Sudha Diwan, a resident of South City-1.

As per the Motor Vehicle Act, the maximum punishment for an underage driver is three months of imprisonment and Rs 1,000 fine or both. 

Many residents are of a view that the drive should be strict against the violators. Harsh Joshi, another resident from sector 46 said, "Many school children are seen driving scooties and bikes in our vicinity. Many times are seen engaging in rash driving, manoeuvring their vehicle haphazardly causing accidents. More strict punishment is the need of the hour and every parent should be held accountable for their negligent attitude towards road safety." 

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