Breaking: 12-year-old boy electrocuted to death in Shipra Sun City park
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Breaking: 12-year-old boy electrocuted to death in Shipra Sun City park

The boy got in touch with an open wire at the park's entrance

Breaking: 12-year-old boy electrocuted to death in Shipra Sun City park

A twelve-year-old boy died after receiving an electric shock while playing in a park at Shipra Sun City, Indirapuram on Friday evening.

The incident happened around 6:45 pm when the child was leaving the park to fetch a water bottle from his house situated next to the park. The eyewitnesses claimed that the child grabbed the iron gate and that is when he received the shock. "The child started shaking on the entrance gate. The fellow children saw him and tried to pull him back but they received shocks as well. Later, they brought sticks and used them to detach his body," an eyewitness said on the condition of anonymity.

The children then rushed the child to a nearby hospital where the doctors declared him brought dead at 7:28 pm.

However, a short while after the child was brought home, his father sensed signs of life in him. The neighbours said that the father sensed signs of life in the child as the watch he wore displayed heartbeat on its screen. The family rushed to Fortis Hospital but there again, the doctors confirmed his death.

Meanwhile, there were two different claims to the child's death. While some claimed that the child stepped on a naked wire at the entrance gate, some refuted it. 

While speaking to City Spidey, Rakesh Gangwar, Vice President of Windsor and Nova Apartments Owner's Association (phase II of Shipra) denied the possibility of open-wire, he claimed that the incident happened due to passage of current in the iron gate through a lamp-post which was broken after taking a hit from a football which the children were playing in the park. "The child touched the iron gate and got electrocuted," he added.

The deceased, Prayas Chaddha, used to live on Cassia Road with his parents. He studied in standard 7th at GD Goenka School in Raj Nagar Extension. He was a twin child to his parents, the other sibling is a girl. His father Prabhat Charcha works in a private firm in Noida while the mother is a school teacher. 

The family has not reported any complaint to the police as yet.