Safe Neighbourhood Features



Let’s Build ASafer Neighbourhood

The City Spidey app understands your need to feel secure in your home and neighbourhood and has built-in features to ensure no mischief takes place on its watch!

Registered Membership: As a neighbourhood resident, you can rest assured in the knowledge that everyone you are connecting to through the app has been verified and registered with your neighbourhood/apartment management or residential association. RWA/society managers will find the cataloguing of residents and service providers easy to keep an eye on so that unwelcome strangers can be filtered out.

Online Directory: Everyone you need to know in your neighbourhood is in an easily accessible directory.



Transparent Accounts: Residents can make and record online payments of their dues to the neighbourhood association in a safer, more transparent way that leaves no room for accounting errorson the app’sapartment accounting software. RWA/society managers will welcome the easy experience of maintaining accounting records on the City Spidey account management system/housing society accounting. Residents can never forget their dues, neighbourhood managers cannot make errors with them. Everyone wins!

Coming Soon!
Visitor Management: Residents and RWA/society managers can control and decide who enters their colony/building gates through an internet-based alerting system that makes every visitor, courier and service provider trackable.