Smart Neighbourhood Features



Let’s Build A Smarter Neighbourhood!

The City Spidey app has exciting features to help neighbourhoods streamline interactions and transactions between residents and RWA/society managers without the hassle of paperwork, from the comfort of their mobile phone or laptop. It has the widest range of society/RWA management tools in town!



Virtual Notice Board :

Paper notices often go unnoticed and waste precious resources. City Spidey’s online Notice Board keeps the neighbourhood residents informed and updated with latest circulars from the RWA/society that are delivered straight to their mobile phone.



Democratic Opinion Polls:

RWA/society meetings can be so difficult to organise. Plus, most residents don’t have the time to attend a neighbourhood meeting. The Opinion Polls feature lets RWA/society managers carry out democratic decision making with an online polling system. So all the colony/building residents can have their say on important matters from wherever they are in the world.



Speedy Services and Bookings:

Neighbourhood residents can easily book, track, cancel or change their request for home maintenance services (like the plumber, electrician, carpenter etc.) and shared neighbourhood facilities (like banquet halls, sports rooms, tennis courts etc.) through City Spidey’s Services and Booking features. Which also saves RWA/society managers all those phone calls and paperwork. All transactions in the neighbourhood can be tracked on City Spidey.