Features for a Smart Society



Online Notice Board

If you’re part of Society / RWA management, you’ll like the ease with which you can post society notices on the app without any effort, without wasting paper, at any time of the day. Residents too will benefit from a mobile notification system that ensures they are never left out of the loop for important and urgent Society / RWA-related messages.

Society Opinion Polls

A society where everyone is heard is a happy society. With Opinion Polls Society/ RWA managers can take important decisions through a popular vote system that is easy to carry out on the CitySpidey app. Residents can get their opinion across on important matters with the click of a button, without disrupting their busy schedule.

Easy Services and Bookings

CitySpidey has a convenient booking system for community facilities and society-provided maintenance services that residents can use from any place, any time. No booking request will be forgotten by our robust system. Society/ RWA management will find the reservation and service request management easy and hassle free.