Laughing its way into fifth year, a club comes of age
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Laughing its way into fifth year, a club comes of age

Over 150 laughter yogis from different clubs in Noida attended the most entertaining event.

Laughing its way into fifth year, a club comes of age

Noida: Residents, especially members of a laughter club, of Sector 21 and Sector 25, Noida on Friday laughed a lot to celebrate 5th anniversary of the club at Jalvayu Vihar Community Centre (JVCC).

Over 150 laughter yogis from different clubs in Noida, which included eight laughter ambassadors from NCR, heads of schools where laughter yoga has been started, GP Captain Dogra, free consultant doctor JVCC, GP Captain V Dayal, president and his team of JVCC and other dignities, attended the most entertaining event.

Dr Santosh Sahi, the founder of the Delhi Academy of Laughter Yoga and the chief guest for the occasion, was warmly received by Commodore Ashok Sawhney, Laughter Ambassador of the club, Aruna, Madhu, Mamta, Indu and Prabha. She conducted the first session for JVCC Laughter Club with 20 residents.

Earlier, laughter session was conducted by  Laughter Guru Madan Kataria, founder of Laughter Yoga which was formed in May 1998, followed by Laughter Yoga dance. In his message, he said, ‘East or West, JVCC Laughter Club is the best’.

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In his welcome speech, Ashok said that the club had become very popular in Noida due to various health benefits it provides to people, like control of blood pressure, blood sugar, arthritis and joint pains, allergies of various kinds, sleep disorders and constipation. He further highlighted that they helped Sectors 28, 29, 30, 45, 100 and Patpargunj residents to start their own Laughter Clubs. 

“Our members have conducted Laughter sessions in hospitals, schools, children’s homes, Tihar jail, senior citizens’ home, business houses in the corporate world like Home Shop 18, Concentrix, Amazon and NEC Technologies,” he added.


Dr Sahi congratulated the members for their excellent work and making laughter yoga a household name in Noida. Everyone present at the event enjoyed ‘ball game’ conducted by Neena, Veena and Nisha. The session ended with everyone dancing on the beat of Dhol (drum). Mugs with club logo were given to all as souvenir, Cdr Narinder Mahajan informed.

Message from Dr Madan Kataria:

“On behalf of Laughter Yoga International I would like to congratulate Ashok ji and his entire team of JVCC Laughter Club on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the club.
Your club is a Landmark club in North India and you have set up a role model for others to follow. I must say that your club is an institution. You have given leadership training, setting up Laughter clubs in adjoining areas, celebrating World Laughter Day, holding Laughter Meditation, participating in Raahgiri and Daan Utsav, conducting Laughter yoga in schools and now comes Bollywood Laughter Dance; what more can one ask for!!
I can proudly say that East or West, JVCC Laughter Club is the best!  Keep laughing hoho haha!!!!”