I Care: Building bonds with blood
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I Care: Building bonds with blood

The inspiring tale of one man starting a revolution from within his society in Dwarka, after an epiphany in a Vellore hospital gave him a cause.

I Care: Building bonds with blood

They convert complete strangers to blood relatives. 

Residents of New Millennium Apartments, Sector 23, Dwarka, started the 'I Care' initiative to help the society by donating blood. 

“Donating blood breaks down  barriers between people. Complete strangers are automatically transformed into blood relatives,” explains, MS Suri, Vice President, New Millennium Apartments.

The light bulb of ‘I Care’ lit up in Suri's mind while his elder son underwent treatment for blood cancer in Vellore. “Arranging for blood there was hassle free. I was impressed by how well-prepared the hospital was to donate blood at a short notice. I decided to introduce this concept to my society and ‘I Care’ was born,"adds Suri.


                                                                                   'I Care' members

The initiative has saved the lives of critical patients both within and outside the society. 

Women of the society are equally supportive of the initiative. Some of them are regular donors, while others are looking forward to start donating. “It is a thoughtful initiative. It feels like being a part of a large family. We are ready to face any emergency as a unit,” says Anjali Agrawal, a social worker and a member of the society.

The concept has become popular within the society. 'I Care' has 54 members at present. It plans to use social media to spread awareness across Delhi and Dwarka. This move is expected to quadruple the long list of people already willing to join. 

The group is also creating a donor directory, which keeps a record of blood groups within the society. Other Societies across Dwarka will be approached thereafter. 

The 'I Care' project coordinator can soon be contacted at - project.icare@yahoo.co.in.”