Resident alleges threat from former RWAs, seeks police protection
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Resident alleges threat from former RWAs, seeks police protection

On Sanjay Gupta's complaint the district registrar had de-registered the RWA members

Resident alleges threat from former RWAs, seeks police protection

A resident of N block of Mayfield Gardens, Sector 51, Gurugram filed a complaint against former RWAs members and their supporters with the police on Sunday alleging that they are threatening him.

It may be recalled here that it is Sanjay Gupta on whose complaint the district registrar had de-registered the four RWAs working in the same area in September 2019.

Elaborating on the matter, the complainant said, “On my complaint, the state registrar directed the district registrar to take action against them following which the district registrar found that it did not meet the criteria laid down under section 6 of HRRS act 2012 and revoked their registration. In their place, he registered new RWA under the name of N block RWA, Mayfield Gardens.

He further informed that the members one of the former Luxotica RWA had filed a review petition with the Registrar General who refused to stay the order on the matter during a hearing on October 3.

“The existence of multiple RWAs causes confusion and creates hurdles in managing the day-to-day affairs. That’s the reason I oppose the arrangement. But the axed RWAs members seem to be in no mood to give up. Smarting under humiliation, they have ganged up against me threatening me with dire consequences if I pursued the cases in court. They abused and sent derogatory messages against me on social media group.”

In his complaint, he alleged that the former members of four RWAs and their supporters shouted slogans outside his house causing panic to his family. He also alleged that they were not letting new governing body to function interfering in management.

He has written to police commissioner and DCP urging them to provide him with security and take legal action against them. “It is a very serious matter. So much so that I had to request for police protection as my family feels unsafe.”

On the matter, RS Rathore, president of the incumbent N block RWA Mayfield Gardens, said, “Both the sides have filed complaint against each other. It has nothing to do with us. On the matter of new vendors and security guard, we have convened a meeting today evening and will try to resolve the issue through negotiations.

Meanwhile, when Cityspidey posed the question to a person, he straightaway refuted the allegation of threat calling it baseless. He said, “I too have filed a police complaint against him with evidence. The RWAs filed a review petition against the state registrar and district registrar in which neither he nor anyone else from the working committee is a party. He is trying to create unnecessary trouble to the residents just to insert his authority.”