Rules for using a society swimming pool
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Rules for using a society swimming pool

With a couple of mishaps involving children and society swimming pools, it's imperative we follow these guidelines prepared by FedAOA.

Rules for using a society swimming pool

The FedAOA Ghaziabad wrote to Vijay Yadav, vice-chairman, GDA, for the approval on a list of rules to be followed while using society swimming pools, prepared by the federation. The letter, signed by Colonel TP Tyagi and Mukesh Agarwal of FedAOA, intended to spread awareness among all societies to ensure safer, cleaner swimming pools.

FedAOA urged societies to post the rules for use of swimming pools on notice boards with necessary amendments, if any.

Here are the rules drafted by FedAOA, Ghaziabad:

1. Timing

The swimming pool area will remain open daily from 8 am to 9 pm. The timings may be changed as per the local requirements of any society, with the approval of the concerned Apartment Owners Association (AOA). 

2. Access

Access to the swimming pool area would only be granted to people with a "valid entry". Different societies can define the valid entry the way they like based on their local conditions and approval of their AOA/residents.

Valid entry maybe defined as:

a) People who can swim

b) Children under the age of 16 may use the pool area only with a consent letter of their adult guardian. If the children do not know how to swim, they must be accompanied by an adult supervisor at all times

c) Disabled people may enter the pool area only with their guardian

The following are not permitted to use the swimming pool area by:

a) People under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any intoxicated substances

b) People with visible skin damage

c) People jeopardising the safety and health of others

d) People with unacceptable standards of personal hygiene. Children under the age of 4 require water-proof diapers at all times.

3. Lifeguards

Presence of a lifeguard at all swimming pools at all the times when the pool is in use, is mandatory. It will be the responsibility of the Builder/AOA whosoever is in charge of the maintenance of the society.

Lifeguards on duty will only be responsible for persons using the pools only if they follow the pool regulations and obey the instructions given by them.  

4. Hygiene and swimming apparel

The swimming pool area users must shower before and after using the pool.

All patrons within the pool area must be attired in swimming apparel. (No street clothes are allowed in the pool. For Women: a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini. For Men: swimming shorts, tight-fitting swimming trunks, preferably without pockets or cuffs. For children up to 4 years old: waterproof diapers. For older children: an appropriate swimsuit)

5. Etiquette

a) All users of the pool area must present an appropriate behaviour

b) Instructions given by the staff must be followed at all times

c) Any unruly behavior that can be dangerous is strictly prohibited

d) Diving, running, jumping, pushing and rough play is not permitted in and around the pool area. Shouting or screaming, which could distract attention from an emergency, is also not allowed

e) Smoking and alcohol is not permitted within the swimming pool area. Food and drinks are also not allowed except in designated areas. Bringing pets or baby carrier into the swimming pool area is prohibited