Authority failed, they take upon themselves to get dogs sterilised
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Authority failed, they take upon themselves to get dogs sterilised

Volunteers have caught and taken several strays to a hospital for sterilisation and vaccination.

Authority failed, they take upon themselves to get dogs sterilised

Residents of Shatabdi Vihar, a residential society in Sector 52 of Noida, pulled up their sleeves to do away with the menace of strays, especially dogs. On Tuesday, they caught around 11 dogs, nine female and two male, and took them to animal hospital cum shelter for sterilisation.    

Recounting the circumstances under which the initiative was taken, Anjali Sachdeva, general secretary of the RWA, narrated how the canine issue had become the talk of the town in Noida in the wake of complete failure of the sterilisation programme run by Noida Industrial Development Authority. 

''If the system fails,” she went on, “one has to take lead and set an example for others and make a difference to the society.'' 

Hence, over five residents came out to solve the issue gradually. These volunteers, some of whom are dog lovers, have caught and taken several stray dogs to a hospital for sterilisation and vaccination. 

Anjani Pathak, Jasleen Kaur and Prateek Sachdeva of E-3 Shatabdi Vihar, she said were in the forefront in the drive to sterilise the strays. The nine female and two male dogs caught today were sent to Friendicos, an animal hospital cum shelters, for sterilisation.  

In the past, they got many dogs sterilised using their own funds and sometimes through some animal organisation. The drive will continue till the dogs in the entire sector are sterilised, informed the RWA president. 

Sachdeva said that once these back from the hospital, the dogs would be given proper care until they recover from the operation. She said, ''This is a common problem, but so far, residents had not taken any initiative on their own even as a public mechanism failed.” 

She further said that if a shelter was made for feeding these strays, they won't cause inconvenience to anyone. As for the sterilisation she termed sterilisation only solution to the problem. But, lamented that people just complain of a problem, but do not try to solve it themselves.