Sapna Khanna: Translating dreams into reality at 52
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Sapna Khanna: Translating dreams into reality at 52

Sapna Khanna is a multitasking journalist and fitness trainer.

Sapna Khanna: Translating dreams into reality at 52

Sapna Khanna, a resident of Noida Sector 29, is a successful journalist and fitness trainer, who has achieved a lot of recognition in both fields. She won the Miss Fitness India title in 2018, which was the result of her years of hard work and dedication.

Sapna started her career as an editor and worked for various media organizations. However, her interest in fitness always remained a constant in her life. After more than 20 years in journalism, she decided to pursue her passion for fitness and try her hand at the fitness industry.

"Even though journalism was my first love, I enjoyed every aspect of the fitness industry, including writing, authoring, reporting, investigating, and analyzing. Fitness is not just physical, it also involves mental challenges, which I find very intriguing," Sapna said.

Sapna is an early riser and uses her morning time to concentrate and plan her day. "The day when I oversleep is the day when I am entirely clogged in my thoughts, and I end up messing up my routine, timetable, and my thoughts for that matter. I meditate, plan my day, and can only function for the remainder of the day after my workout," she shared.

Sapna's passion for fitness has led many people to approach her for advice on their fitness goals, including diet and weight gain. This inspired her to get certified as a fitness trainer, which has enabled her to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Sapna's journey is a testament to the fact that with hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn, one can achieve success in multiple fields. She continues to inspire people with her passion for journalism and fitness.


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