Women join hands to make Dwarka garbage-free
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Women join hands to make Dwarka garbage-free

Association of Neighbourhood Ladies Get-Together (ANHLGT) has teamed up with the women of Dwarka to solve the sub-city's problem of garbage collection and disposal.

Women join hands to make Dwarka garbage-free

Women of Dwarka, under the aegis of Association of Neighbourhood Ladies Get-Together (ANHLGT), have decided to solve the problem of garbage collection, disposal and cleaning. The association will be working out a solution with the support of South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC).

A team of 26 women from ANHLGT met Subhash Arya, the leader of the house, SDMC, to seek his intervention to get the work done.

"Dwarka is struggling with a garbage-management problem for months," said Cicily Kodiyan, president of ANHLGT. "We decided to meet the higher officials of SDMC this time, requesting them to ensure proper sanitation."

According to the members, Subhash Arya and Garima Gupta, deputy commissioner of Nazafgarh zone, jointly visited the sub-city.

Ramanjeet Suri, joint secretary of ANHLGT and a resident of New Millenium Apartments, Sector 23, said, “ANHLGT's efforts have brought fruitful results. Despite several complaints to the authorities against how waste is being managed in the sub-city, there has hardly been any action. Yesterday, when leader of the house, SDMC, Subhash Arya, and deputy commissioner, Nazafgarh zone, Garima Gupta, came for a visit to the sub-city, the whole of Dwarka was cleaned up. They have promised to keep supervising from time to time.”

ANHLGT has also formed five-member groups to keep constant vigil on sanitation and cleanliness-related issues. They are the much-needed bridge between the officials and the community.

"I am in charge of the Sector 22 team," said Promila Malik, a resident of Jagran Apartments. "We prepare daily reports and send it to the officials. They are kept abreast of the progress made. We will continue doing this till Dwarka is garbage-free, clean and green."