New Gurugram SoS to GMDA for civic favours
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New Gurugram SoS to GMDA for civic favours

A GMDA official denied that they have any responsibility to maintain cleanliness in the area.

New Gurugram SoS to GMDA for civic favours

The United Association of New Gurugram (UANG) on Wednesday wrote to V Umashankar, Chief Executive Officer of Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA), seeking his intervention in maintaining cleanliness in the sectors which fall outside Gurugram municipal limits.

The residents of the New Gurugram alleged that despite paying all sort of taxes in the form of External Development Charges (EDC), Infrastructure Development Charges (IDC) etc. they are being deprived of their right to basic amenities such as cleanliness and sanitation for a decent living in these sectors.

Pointing out that the residents of the newly developed sectors which fall outside the municipal limits don’t have any sort of waste management system, Praveen Malik, RWA president of Sare Homes, lamented, “It is shameful that we are vociferously advocating Swachh Bharat campaign, but have done nothing for the collection, transportation and disposal of domestic waste from these sectors.” 

The residents allege that the civic issues are not being addressed by the authorities. They said that all their complaints fall on deaf ears. 

“One can see heaps of garbage strewn all over the sectors' roads marring its beauty and posing a serious health risk to the residents living in these sectors. There are multiple incidents of garbage burning from our area and several complaints were made to the concerned authorities, but to no avail,” said Ashok Malik, president of UANG.

Foul smell emanates from the garbage adding to residents’ woes while commuting on the roads. “Our sector roads are not being cleaned for the past several years. We don’t know whose responsibility it is to maintain the cleanliness of the sectors' roads as everyone is passing the buck to others. Every now and then, we asked our maintenance staff to clean up the road, but we need regular cleaning to maintain hygiene,” said Shibashish Rudra, a resident of sector 81.

Meanwhile GMDA official denied that they have any responsibility of cleanliness.

The HSVP said that they only have done the sweeping and sanitation of sector 29 and 53 and beyond that, they also denied their responsibility. “These sectors are developed by a private builder. So, we cannot provide these facilities for them. We have handed over all the maintenance to the MCG except for these two sectors.” the HSVP senior official said.

Similarly, the MCG also denied their responsibility to address cleanliness issues beyond sector 57. “These sectors are not under our jurisdiction and no handover was given to us.” the MCG official said.