Heavy rain causes traffic jam, waterlogging in Greater Noida
Heavy rain causes traffic jam, waterlogging in Greater Noida
Mirah Zamin
Heavy rain causes traffic jam, waterlogging in Greater Noida
Photo: CitySpidey

Heavy rain causes traffic jam, waterlogging in Greater Noida

Greater Noida: Heavy rains in Greater Noida brings more civic and sanitation woes for people with blocked, flooded roads and filthy smell lingering around.

The city on Thursday saw major traffic jams because of waterlogged roads due to the heavy rain. At many places, the water was up to two to three feet.

Sameer Asthana, a resident of Omricon, told CitySpidey that his car broke down after getting into a huge crater on site C at Surajpur road which comes under Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation (UPSIDC).

This particular road has been problematic for over a year now but no solution has been provided in spite of several residents complaining about the bad road condition and overflowing of the Nala (nullah) which is not connected to the main line. Due to this the road gets submerged in water even if it there is a little pour.

Likewise, sectors where residential colonies have come up face a similar situation as the drainage is either out-dated or non-functional at few places. Many residents of these colonies complain that rainwater enter their homes during heavy rainfall as there is not much provision for the water to pass.

Talking to CitySpidey, Manish Kumar of Noida Extension Flat Owners Welfare Association (NEFOWA) said, "All the drains and sewerage system need a complete overhaul or they should be completed and connected properly so that rainwater gets its way to its destination instead of getting blocked in incomplete or blocked drains.” 

The service roads are neglected as accumulation of water makes commuting difficult. In highrises like Panchsheel Hynish in Sector 1, the logged water gathers in front of the society which not only emanates putrid smell but also brings along a lot of health concerns as it takes approximately a day or two for the water to be cleared. 

Anita Prajapati, a resident of Gaur City 6th avenue in Greater Noida West, said, "The roads are flooded as the cleaning and maintenance of the roads are not done from time to time. They are broken, have patches and holes, garbage on sides, etc.” 

She added, “We can only determine the condition of the road after the rain though as they are already in a much-dilapidated state. The concerned authority should do something about this on priority before it is too late and a major causality takes place.”