Shipra Sun City comes alive to blood donation camp
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Shipra Sun City comes alive to blood donation camp

A total of 24 units could be collected from 103 donors.

Shipra Sun City comes alive to blood donation camp


Ghaziabad: A blood donation camp at the central park of Shipra Sun City on Friday was a big draw for the residents of the society. Eight doctors and as many nurses arrived at the venue of the camp in a bus loaded all the paraphernalia along with four beds. 

Organised by the Indirapuram-based Lioness Aparajita Club in collaboration with the Red Cross Society, the day-long camp started at 10 am and drew to a close by 5 pm. 

A number of residents of Shipra Sun City turned up at the camp for the noble cause. A total of 103 residents donated their blood. However, only 24 units of blood could be collected as 77 of them were found ineligible to donate blood. 

"People were though enthusiastic, most of them could not. Before donating blood, doctors ascertain whether it’s safe to take blood from the donor, if he/she is able to withstand sudden loss of blood. After a checkup, only 24 out of the 103 aspirants were found eligible for donating the blood," said Preeti Jain, secretary of Lioness Aparajita Club.

However, he felt grateful for the efforts the residents made for the success of the camp. "I feel humble and extend my profuse thanks to them for turning out in such great number. I really appreciate the gesture," she added.