Eco club Happy Home, Dwarka: Kids with a cause
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Eco club Happy Home, Dwarka: Kids with a cause

The group, run mostly by school girls, organises events to promote eco-friendly practices such as composting and waste segregation in the society.

Eco club Happy Home, Dwarka: Kids with a cause

They call themselves Eco Club Happy Home. Eco Club organises events promoting environment-friendly practices such as composting, waste management, water conservation and tree planting. The best part — its founders are mainly school girls from Happy Home Apartments in Sector 7, Dwarka.

One summer vacation, Shruti Trehan, along with her friends Ridhi, Prakriti, Gungun, Avni, Akanksha and Poorvi was working for a school project about environment.

"Some of us had school projects about environment," said Shruti. "We were interacting amongst ourselves and decided to do something eco-friendly for our society and Eco Club was formed."

Akanksha, a class 7 student and a member of the group, piqued the interest of the others about vermi composting and waste management. They were soon going through the internet to get a better grasp of the concept. Several hundred articles and few weeks worth of research later, Eco Club decided to sensitise people about the subject. "We decided to organise an event to promote home composting and waste management. To make it a success, we went through several YouTube videos to understand the concepts in detail till we were confident enough," said Akanksha.

While preparing for another event, the group stumbled upon a notice about South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) and Dwarka Forum working together to make Dwarka a zero-waste zone.

"I came across an article where SDMC encouraged all societies in Dwarka to segregate their wastes," said Shruti. "We then decided to promote vermi composting in our society and invited the experts from Dwarka Forum for a workshop and presentation. We created handmade invites and went to each and every house to invite people. This event was a great success as majority of residents gave thumbs up to the subject.”

The next subject on Eco Club's radar is organic kitchen gardening in urban households. Besides the usual research, they have approached All India Kitchen Garden Association for support. "Our main objective is to encourage people to grow their own fruits and vegetables in their own balconies and terrace,” said Shruti.

The group has its hands full at the moment, with events on water conservation and tree-planting lined up. 

Godspeed, girls!