Crossings Republik sees five EWS girls enter into wedding, a new life
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Crossings Republik sees five EWS girls enter into wedding, a new life

Families of the girls had approached Bharat Vikas Parishad for financial assistance for marriage.

Crossings Republik sees five EWS girls enter into wedding, a new life

Ghaziabad: In a noble gesture, Bharat Vikas Parishad, an NGO, conducted the wedding of five couples belonging to the underprivileged section of the society at a community marriage ceremony in Crossings Republik on Thursday. 

The couples entered into a nuptial knot in a ceremony marked by traditional rituals.

All the couples belonged to economically weaker section (EWS). Payal Tripathi, coordinator of the event, told City Spidey that they helped arrange the marriage of the girls whose families could not afford the cost of the wedding. 

"They (families of the girls) had approached us for financial assistance to marry off their daughters. We raised enough money through donations not only to meet the expenses required for the wedding ceremony but also to ensure a start to the marital lives of the newlywed," she said. 

The brides are the daughters or relatives of the maidservants working in Crossings Republik high-rises. Among them are an orphan and a differently-abled girl. 

Besides organising the ceremony, the Parishad gifted household items like beds, mattresses, wooden almirah, aluminium trunks, kitchen utensils and sewing machines to each of the couples. "Our purpose was not just to arrange their wedding, but to assist them in starting a new life," said Payal.

Shanti, 19, is unable to walk properly as her left leg is affected by polio. Due to this disability, she has been finding it difficult to get a regular job. She says, "I'm happy that my father is relieved of the burden,” says she.

“My father, who works as a guard, is the sole breadwinner of the family. With the meagre salary that he earns, we can't make both ends meet. With his little savings, the family could not have afforded my marriage.”

With the sewing machine she was gifted she is planning to start a tailoring business to earn a decent living. “Though unable to stand on my own, the sewing machine will make me stand on my own feet,” she quipped using a metaphor. 
Members of the Parishad informed that the ceremony cost them Rs five lakh. “This is the first time we are low on donations and hence, had to start off with only five couples. Our aim is to make the next ceremony more grand,” said Kavit Bansal, president of the Parishad.