A joint effort in Noida for construction of drainage lines
A joint effort in Noida for construction of drainage lines
Ramesh Kumar
A joint effort in Noida for construction of drainage lines File photo shows a waterlogged road in Sector 119 due to an overflowing drain.
Photo: Samrat Roy

A joint effort in Noida for construction of drainage lines

Residents of Gaur Granduer, Amrapali Platinum, Amrapali Zodiac, Prateek Laurel and RG Residency situated in sectors 119 and 120 have decided to build pressure on Noida Authority for construction of drainage lines in their sectors and are planning to visit the Authority together.

Residents have joined hands after several complaints to the Authority did not yield any result.

Sandeep Singh, president of Apartment Owners Association of Prateek Laurel (Sector 120), said, “I have been residing in the sector for the last five years, but the problem persists even today. There are no drain outlets for these sectors. During monsoons, drains and sewers overflow and cause great inconvenience to residents. Waterlogging is common sight on every road in these sectors.”

He added that all residents in these apartments have been told to lodge a complaint with the Noida Authority, and have been given an e-mail ID and helpline number of the Authority to register complaints en mass.

Earlier, residents of these societies took up the issue with Noida Authority individually. According to them, officers of Noida Authority hardly paid attention to their concerns. RP Khanna, resident of Amrapali Zodiac (Sector 120), said, “Despite numerous follow-ups of the complaints made by us, an action to solve the problem is still awaited. Residents are only left with the option to unite in fight against this common problem.”

Praveen Khoorana, president of Gaur Granduer (Sector 119), told City Spidey that the residents of the aforementioned apartments are planning to visit Noida Authority together.

Noida Authority has been striving to connect the drainage line of these sectors with Shahadra irrigation dam passing near Barola, but has been caught up in some issues. ML Rawat, junior engineer of Noida Authority, told City Spidey, “The Authority has been consistently in contact with farmers for acquiring their land, but the farmers are not ready to sell their land.”

He added that a piece of land, around 15,000 sqm, between sectors 120 and 74 is owned by about 20 framers, who have not given their consent for land acquisition yet.

A High Court ruling prohibits the Authority to acquire lands without the consent of the farmers and landowners. Prior to the ruling, in case of no consent from a farmer, Noida Authority used to deposit compensation for the land in the government’s treasury department and acquire the land.