Shipra Krishna Vista: AOA cracks its whip on illegal PGs
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Shipra Krishna Vista: AOA cracks its whip on illegal PGs

After repeated complaints of indecorous behaviour on the part of PG occupants, the AOA of this Indirapuram society has taken the matter to the authorities.

Shipra Krishna Vista: AOA cracks its whip on illegal PGs

The AOA of Shipra Krishna Vista, Indirapuram, led a crackdown on illegal PG accommodations in the society after receiving complaints from residents. 

Deepak Jalan, the vice-president of the AOA, told City Spidey that they had received repeated complaints from residents about indecorous PG occupants, mostly bachelors, who were often found in an inebriated state in the society’s common area. On several occasions, the residents had to intervene to prevent the situation from spiralling out of control. Playing loud music and driving rashly within the compound had also become regular problems.

Acting on the complaints, the AOA started to keep an eye on such accommodations. After months of surveillance, it managed to tag 28 flats in various towers that were providing PG accommodation.

Surprisingly, Jalan said none of the occupants, when questioned, could name the flat owners. In fact, they listed mainly four to five people who were renting out accommodation in the 28 flats. 

According to Section 16 of the Uttar Pradesh Urban Planning and Development Act, 1973, it is illegal to use any land or property in any way that violates the original plan defined for development of a particular zone. So carrying out commercial activities on land meant for residential purposes could well be termed illegal.

City Spidey took up the matter with Dayanand Prasad, OSD (Officer on Special Duty) of GDA (Ghaziabad Development Authority). He confirmed that running PGs in residential areas was strictly prohibited, and that flats could only be used for residential purposes by owners, or tenants appointed by them. “PG accommodations, shops, guesthouses, hotels and other similar commercial activities are strictly prohibited in residential areas, according to the Uttar Pradesh Urban Planning and Development Act of 1973,” he explains.

Deepak Sethi, general secretary of Shipra Krishna Vista AOA, told City Spidey that it had already informed the GDA and the SSP about the problem over e-mail. “We have also sent notices to the landlords and put up notices in front of the flats,” Sethi added.

Meanwhile, the AOA has requested the maintenance manager appointed by the builder to provide copies of rent agreement of all the flats to have solid evidence against the individuals involved in the PG racket.


16. Uses of land and buildings in contravention of  plans:

After the coming into operation of any of the plans in a zone no person shall use or permit  to be used any land or building in that zone otherwise that in conformity with such plan:

Provided that it shall be lawful to continue to use, upon such terms and conditions as may be prescribed by by-laws made in that behalf, any land or building for the purposes and to the extent for and to which it is being used upon the date on which such plan comes into force.