Terracotta wares a hit at Surajkund Mela
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Terracotta wares a hit at Surajkund Mela

The food cooked in earthen pots are rich in iron, calcium, magnesium and sulfur.

Terracotta wares a hit at Surajkund Mela

Faridabad: Apart from handicraft and handloom, another thing that is a rage at Surajkund Mela is terracotta set. The terracotta set is ubiquitous in the fair. 

Back in the day, earthenwares were popular, especially in villages. Housewives used them for storing water, cooking meals, setting the curd etc. Women used to cook food in earthen pots popularly known as 'handi' in rural India. People in villages still cook and eat food in earthenware and remain fit and healthy. 

However, the fancy cookware in beautiful designs and bone china utensils took over the market and this earthenware lost their place.

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Now, as diseases have increased people have started focusing on their health. This has paved the way for terracotta sets in the market. They score over aluminium and iron utensils and don't have any side effects, infection or result in any disease. One can cook, eat and serve in clay utensils. 

People buying terracotta sets

Eating and cooking in earthenwares have many advantages. “Terracotta sets are made of pure soil and do not release chemicals unlike plastic or bone china,” says Mukesh, one of the sellers of earthenware at the Surajkund fair. 

One can find clay glasses, handi, cups, bowls, biryani pot, soup bowl, pots, bottles etc at the fair. Despite being simple in design compared to ceramic and plastic utensils, the terracotta wares are a hit among the visitors. Reason- numerous benefits that they offer. 

Seller selling his wares

The food cooked in earthen pots are rich in iron, calcium, magnesium and sulfur all of which play an important role in keeping the human body healthy. They are not only good for humans but also for the environment. 

“People, these days, have a habit of drinking water sans the essential minerals,” Mukesh adding that when the water is put in an earthen pot, even if it is from hand pump, it automatically gets filtered. 

There are earthen water bottles which keeps the water cold and would not result in water deficiency in the body. People can take the bottles along on a journey or office to keep themselves refreshed with cold water. 

Terracotta water bottle

Apart from this, cooking in an earthen pot adds an earthy flavour to dishes.

The price range of the products starts at Rs 150 for a set of six cups.

Mukesh believes as time passes more and more people will switch to earthenware because of the benefits that they provide.