Grand Omaxe grapples with burst sewer pipes
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Grand Omaxe grapples with burst sewer pipes

Residents of this Sector 93B society blame Noida Authority and the builder for the accumulation of sewage in the basement, which has car parking, a swimming pool and fast food shops.

Grand Omaxe grapples with burst sewer pipes

Burst sewer pipes in Grand Omaxe, a residential society in Sector 93B, Noida, has become a nuisance to residents, as sewage is flowing into the basement of the apartment.

Siddharth Prakash, a resident, said, “Residents use the basement to go from one tower to another during the rains. But with the accumulated water there, it has become a huge problem. And the stench from the sewage is horrible.”

Prayag Barat, another resident, added, “Residents use the basement for car parking. But now, with the accumulation of sewer water, we are facing a big problem. If the level of water rises in the basement, it will damage the building structures and vehicles parked there.”

There are also swimming pools and fast food shops in the basement, but residents refrain from going to the basement to avail these facilities.

According to residents, Noida Authority did not clean the sewer lines, which has resulted in the reverse flow of sewer water. As the pressure increased, sewer pipes burst, leading to accumulation of sewage in the basement.

Surya Prakash, another resident, told City Spidey, “If Noida Authority had cleaned the sewer lines passing outside the society, there would not have been a problem.” He alleged that the builder was also responsible for the waterlogging in the basement, as the storm-water drainage system of the society was defective. “When constructing an apartment, the builder provides expansion joints to connect storm water lines of various towers. The expansion joints have not been set up properly, due to which sewage has accumulated in the basement.”

When City Spidey spoke to Praveen Singh, estate manager of Grand Omaxe, he admitted that water did accumulate in the basement but said that it has been pumped out. “My colleague from the central office has also lodged complaints with Noida Authority for cleaning the drains. But the Authority has not taken any action.”

MD Pandey, project engineer of Noida Authority, told City Spidey, “Sewer lines were cleaned recently. I am not aware of the sewage flowing backwards, as no complaint has been made so far about it.” He added that if complaints were received from the builder or the residents, he would look into the matter.