Grand Omaxe will vote on June 4 in first-ever polls for AoA
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Grand Omaxe will vote on June 4 in first-ever polls for AoA

Despite Allahabad high court order, the elections have been delayed by more than two years. Hence, the Noida Authority made it clear that no postponement of the poll will be entertained.

Grand Omaxe will vote on June 4 in first-ever polls for AoA

In deference to fervent appeals from residents, CEO of Noida Authority has finally ceded to the long standing demand to conduct elections for Apartment Owners' Association (AOA) of Grand Omaxe. The elections are scheduled to be held on June 4.

Mritunjay Kumar, who has been appointed election commissioner, submitted the election schedule following a directive from the authority.  Through the directive, the authority had made it clear that no change of date will now be allowed as the elections are already delayed by more than two years.

Mirtunjay Kumar said he will finalise and release a list of eligible voters by May 10, 25 days ahead of the polls.

Two years ago, the Allahabad High Court had asked Noida Authority to look into the cause of the delay and ensure that elections are held for the AOA of Grand Omaxe at the earliest. The residents hold developer of the apartment responsible for the inordinate delay in complying with the High Court order. They accuse him of deliberately procrastinating on the polls in defiance of the court.

All this while, the residents say, they have been reminding the builder on the polls through emails. But he never responded to any of their pleas. It was only after the intervention of the CEO of Noida Authority that the builder buckled under pressure by conceding to the first election for the resident body of the upscale society.

Subsequently, the Noida Authority threw a spanner in the elections saying the District Magistrate (DM) would take a final call. But when the residents of the apartment approached the DM office, it came out that he wrote back to the Noida Authority that he had no role to play in the matter. 

Later, the residents collectively made an appeal to the Noida Authority CEO to ensure that the poll scheduled is final. Consequently, the authority ordered the election commissioner to comply with the court order.