Vox Populi | Reactions on Noida Police's WhatsApp helpline launch
Vox Populi | Reactions on Noida Police's WhatsApp helpline launch
Mirah Zamin
Vox Populi | Reactions on Noida Police's WhatsApp helpline launch
Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra

Vox Populi | Reactions on Noida Police's WhatsApp helpline launch

Noida: The Noida Police on Thursday launched its helpline number on WhatsApp. As it was highly anticipated, CitySpidey reached out to people and asked for suggestions for better policing in the area.

While talking to most individuals, the CitySpidey reporter felt that the general concern among the masses was for the installation of camera and better patrolling in residential and market areas. Sapna, a resident of Greater Noida told the reporter that she fears to head out post sunset in spite of the market being some 200 meters away from her home.

Sharing similar woes, Aditya, a student said, “I always fear that something bad would happen as I often travel during midnight from Greater Noida to Delhi. No presence of PCR or police personnel at the stretch bothers me.”

One can reach the Noida police on WhatsApp number 8800845816 for suggestions. No phone calls will be entertained. Through the text helpline number, people can make a request for patrolling, traffic spots extra. A team has been appointed who will monitor the messages and convey it to the senior officials.

Despite the launch of commissionerate system, there has been spike in the incidents such as finding of woman's  body, hijacking and murder of an executive, looting of jewellery store, theft of cars, snatching of gold chains and mobiles. The huge increase in number of burglaries in residential areas in the last one month reflects no perceptible improvement in district's policing. 

Talking on similar lines, few residents of the district, list their concerns, suggestions/recommendations for the police to CitySpidey.

Here are few suggestions/recommendations that were made by the public:

Rashmi Pandey, General Secretary of Noida Extension Flat Owners Main Association (NEFOMA)

Safety instructions from the police for women can be placed on hoardings or banners on the roadsides. This can help a lot.  We can be alert with awareness. The number of female police personnel should also increase.


Chakresh Jain, a senior resident of a highrise in Noida

Police should install high-resolution CCTV cameras at strategic vantage points like entrance and exits of all road leading to Noida to capture car numbers and faces clearly. Colonies and markets should have face and body recognizing cameras.


Sanwarjeet Singh, a resident of Gaur Sportswood in Sector 79 Noida

Public nuisance due to drunk-driving has become very common in Noida. Police should put checkpoints  in every sector and every officer should be equipped with Breathalyzer devices which give immediate result about a person’s alcohol concentration.


Sushil Kumar Jain, Chairman of Sector 18 market association in Noida

There is a dire need for better policing in markets, residential sectors, schools, colleges and heavy rush metro stations especially the five Aqua Line stations. The street vendors should be shifted to vending zones with proper parking spaces.


Veteran Brig Ashok Hak, Noida convener of Confederation Resident Welfare Association of NCR

Police have to earn people's respect through their own actions on the ground. Police need to interact more with the public and forums. We as a forum need answers as to why promises of interaction made to us were not kept, why cases of burglaries in residential areas have not been resolved and lastly why women still fear that their complaint of molestation will not be filed easily.