Women's Day: RWA's key positions temporarily given to ladies at Amrapali Village
Women's Day: RWA's key positions temporarily given to ladies at Amrapali Village
Ashish Srivastava
Women's Day: RWA's key positions temporarily given to ladies at Amrapali Village
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Women's Day: RWA's key positions temporarily given to ladies at Amrapali Village

Ghaziabad: To celebrate the spirit of women empowerment on International Women's Day, the Amrapali Village, a highrise in Indirapuram, has decided to handover key positions of its RWA to women for a week. The authority of decision making will rest with the women and they will be entitled to take any decision during this period.

The positions of president and secretary were handed over to two ladies of the society – Smita Srivastava and Yogita Muralidharan – from March 8 to 14.

Deepak Kumar, the incumbent president of the RWA informed, “They will preside the office for a week with our assistance and will be entitled to take any decisions with full authority in interest of 1,002 families of our Amrapali Village Apartment".

“This is our small contribution towards women empowerment. The representation of women in administration is very important,” Kumar added.

However, in last two tenures of this RWA, not a single woman made to its board. Commenting on this, Kumar said that from next elections, the board is thinking of reserving a seat in the board for a female candidate. “It's just a thought for now, but the board will decide on it in coming days,” he added.

Meanwhile, both the ladies are quite elated with this newfound authority. “Even just for a week, it's quite honorary,” said Smita.

37-year-old Smita is an IT professional. She told that she always wished to be a part of society administration but has never been involved in the RWA or any kind of administration work for the society. 

“I am a working woman and mother of a teenager boy. I never get time to dedicate to society welfare but I always wished for it,” she said. “Frankly, I am obliged for getting this opportunity. It will give me a reality check that whether I can manage this portfolio with my regular life or not,” she said. 

When asked what would be the first change she would like to bring after assuming the office, she said that she would want to restart engagement activities in the society. “Our society has gone through a lot. Our developer went bankrupt without completing the project and the subsequent RWAs have struggled to finish the pending works which were promised by the developer. I would like to focus on that. I would try to conduct sports days and make provisions for similar engaging event so that this residential society literally becomes a society and moreover, a community,” she explained.

A general observation revealed that the representation of women in RWAs and AOAs are far less than their male counterparts. Commenting on this, Smita said that challenges for a woman multiplies if she chooses to be in society administration. 

“It becomes an additional challenge, especially if the woman is employed somewhere. The challenge of taking care of career, family and home is already enough. These things consume all the time we have. In this situation, taking care of the society would just add to the chaos. I feel this is why women are generally apprehensive to contest for RWAs,” she added.

However, she believes that if the family is supportive enough, this challenge can be taken. “A woman would require a lot of backing from her family to take up the task of managing the society. It would be a full time job apart from her full time jobs of making home and career,” she concluded.