Sanitise your mobile phones to contain COVID-19
Sanitise your mobile phones to contain COVID-19
Nishi Bhat
Sanitise your mobile phones to contain COVID-19
Photo: Akash Mishra

Sanitise your mobile phones to contain COVID-19

New Delhi: Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) chief, Dr Balram Bhargava asked people to sanitise their mobile phones to contain the spread of coronavirus. 

“Mobile phones can be dirtier than toilet seats! To contain the spread of coronavirus, do clean your mobile phones as well,” said Dr Bhargava.

He said, “The world is in the grip of fear of the pandemic due to the coronavirus or Covid-19 going out of hand. Worldwide over 100 countries have reported cases of the coronavirus infection.” 

The main body (ICMR) that carries out the most health-related research explains that mobile phones can be source of infection if shared and at a point when community transmission of the COVID-19 virus begins in India.

“Much is being said about hand washing but if we sanitise our mobile or smart phones the risk of infection and transmission of this deadly virus can surely be contained and controlled,” said Dr Bhargava. 

A study had found that surfaces of mobile phones are actually dirtier than the toilet seats.  Dr Bhargava has advised people to make their habits of regularly disinfecting their phones. 

India has over one billion mobile phone users. Using simple techniques like a mild soap solution, mild alcohol-based solution and gently wiping the surface of the phone can disinfect it. 

However, users should consult the phone’s manual to find the right way to sanitise their phones.

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