Ganga jal flows down the drain in Sector 62, Noida
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Ganga jal flows down the drain in Sector 62, Noida

Despite residents having to buy expensive mineral water from the market daily, power outages have led to gallons of Ganga jal go waste from the main overhead tank of Sector 62.

Ganga jal flows down the drain in Sector 62, Noida

While residents of Sector 62 are forced to buy mineral water from the market to meet daily requirements, Noida Authority lets gallons of high-quality Ganga jal flow down the drain -- literally.

Noida receives Ganga jal from the water treatment plant in Pratap Vihar, Ghaziabad. It supplies pure drinking water to the overhead tank in Sector 62, near Fortis Hospital. But this tank often overflows because of frequent powercuts.

A staff on duty, on condition of anonymity, told City Spidey that the tank is connected to the main water pipeline coming from Pratap Vihar, and in case of a power outage, the jal cannot be supplied to other overhead tanks of the sector. He adds, though the flow from the main pipeline in Pratap Vihar can be stopped, but that would impact the supply to the rest of the sectors.

Another on-duty staff of Noida Authority said that the overflow can be stopped as soon as the power comes back on -- the motor is immediately started to supply water to other overhead tanks.

This is 9 sq m overhead water tank from where residents of Sectors 62, 53 and 24 are being supplied drinking water. The Ganga jal is being flown in the drain that skirts the boundary wall of the overhead tank. This leads to additional trouble for the residents of Mecon Apartments and Shatabdi Rail Vihar Apartments, particularly when the drain overflows.

Ganpat Singh, RWA president of Shatabdi Rail Vihar, Sector 62, confirmed that residents of his apartments have had to buy 20 liters of water from the market every day, as the quality of supplied water is not good. He adds, they have been receiving a supply of ground water and not pure Ganga jal as the Noida Authority promised.