VASTU FOR KITCHEN: Why a red light helps and why you should avoid black!
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VASTU FOR KITCHEN: Why a red light helps and why you should avoid black!

And in multi-storey buildings, never have a kitchen below a bathroom or pooja room. These and more from our Vastu consultant and Vedic astrologer Aarti Sareen.

VASTU FOR KITCHEN: Why a red light helps and why you should avoid black!

Kitchen is a bonding area that not only ties your home together, but also your loved ones. It is the place where meals are created – relations are forged. It’s a space that’s always filled with energy, aroma and texture.

As the kitchen forms an integral part of the house, the science of Vastu can guide us to enhance the aura and tranquillity of the kitchen. It lays down certain basic rules for its design and prescribes a place for everything within it.


The Kitchen: The ruling planet of the kitchen is said to be Venus, while fire is kitchen’s ruling element. 
Best direction for it is the south-east corner of the house, as it is governed by the element of fire. If that’s not possible, the north-west corner of the house is good too. Do ensure that your kitchen doesn’t share a wall with the bathroom.

Colours: The colour of the floor and the walls may be yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red. As far as possible avoid black.

The Cooking Gas: It, too, should be in the southeast direction. The reason: In older days, cooking was done on earthen cooking stove or chullas, usually placed outside the house. The homes back then mostly used combustible construction material. So, the cooking fire was preferred in the south-east corner or the north-west corner to avoid hot summer winds blowing from the south-west or north-east directions.

Cooking Direction: As women get busy with kitchen chores from sunup, they don’t get a chance to take in the healthy morning sun rays. So, the best solution was to make them cook while facing the east.

Dining Table:  If there is a dining table in the kitchen, it should be placed in the north-west or west direction.

Sinks and Taps: They indicate flowing water, and should be placed in the north-east direction. In other words, away from the cooking stove, as fire and water repel each other. In earlier days, when water was stored in open vessels, it was preferably kept in the north-east corner, where morning UV rays would kill the germs and purify the water.

Dishwasher: It can be placed in the north-west direction.

Windows: Larger windows in the kitchen should be made on the wall facing the east.  Additional, smaller windows can be in the south for cross-ventilation. This ensures that the hot air exits the house and fresh air takes it place from outside.

Electronic Appliances: Refrigerator, geyser, microwave and other electrical appliances should be placed in the south-east or south of the kitchen.

Cylinder: It should be placed in the southeast corner.

Storage Cupboards: The storage for all food grains, utensils, and over-head cupboards should always be on the southern and the western walls -- never on the northern or eastern.

Drinking water: Water filter, bottles, jugs and other such things should be placed in the north or north-east side.




  • The kitchen at night should be cleaned up and used utensils should be washed before sleeping. In order to harness the positive energy for your kitchen, keep it spotless and clean as far as possible.
  • There should be no leaking taps in the kitchen, as it signifies loss of wealth.
  • A zero watt red light bulb can be put up on the south-east wall of the kitchen to aid financial growth.
  • A basket full of original or artificial fruits should be placed in the northern side of the kitchen, as it shows abundance.
  • Place a vase of flowers or a living plant on your kitchen table or windowsill, as fresh flowers bring beautiful energy to your kitchen.
  • It is good to have a lot of green colour in the kitchen like green granite for flooring or green pictures, as it is said to improve the appetite of family members.
  • The kitchen is the best place for having meals, especially with all the family members. It harbours feelings of happiness and harmony.
  • The kitchen should have several levels of proper lighting, be airy and spacious, clean and bright.
  • The kitchen should be simple and not overloaded with gadgets.