C&D waste recycling plant made operational in Noida
C&D waste recycling plant made operational in Noida
Ramesh Kumar
C&D waste recycling plant made operational in Noida File Picture
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C&D waste recycling plant made operational in Noida

Noida: Residents of Noida heaved a sigh of relief as a recycling plant for construction and demolition waste was made operational in Sector 80 recently.

The plant, which was set up with an estimated budget of Rs 22.50 crore, would process around 300 tons of waste every day. The plant was made operational in a record time of one year, an official statement said.

Further, the statement said that the scientific method would be used for processing the waste and the output would be used for many purposes. 

Noida Authority hired a private agency dealing in recycling of construction and demolition waste. 

The agency would be paid Rs 495 for collection, transportation and processing of one ton of waste. The cost would be incurred by the Noida Authority. In the case of individuals, it will be borne by individual construction and demolition waste generators.

After recycling, the agency would prepare concrete bricks, paver blocks, interlockings, and tiles to utilise for repair of footpaths besides roads in the city. The excess production would be sold to individuals. 

An individual, who is generating more than 20 tons of construction and demolition waste everyday would be allowed to avail the facility on payment of processing fees, the statement says. It said that individuals may drop the waste at processing sites for recycling on payment of Rs 148.50 per metric ton. 

It is proposed to develop around 20 collection points in the city. Individuals would be required to drop construction and demolition waste at these points. Later, they would be transported to processing units in the sector. 

The statement read, “A prior permission has been obtained from Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board for operating the construction and demolition processing plant in the city.”