One in ten Indians will get cancer in their lifetime : WHO
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One in ten Indians will get cancer in their lifetime : WHO

Oral and Cervical cancers one of the most prevalent kinds of cancers in India

One in ten Indians will get cancer in their lifetime : WHO

India will record an estimated 12 per cent rise in cancer cases by 2025, as per ICMR-NCDIR (Indian Council of Medical Research-National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research) report. As per WHO there were 1.16 million cases in 2018, as per WHO. The global agency has added that 1 in 15 Indian will die of cancer. On February 2nd , WHO and International agency for research on cancer has released two reports- one setting the global agenda on the disease and the other on research and prevention.

There are certain kinds of cancer that are more prevalent in the country than others. Six most common cancer cases types in India are- Breast cancers [162,500], Oral cancer [120,000] , Cervical cancer[97,000] , Lung cancer [68,000], Stomach cancer [58,000], and Colorectal cancer[57,000]. According to the report, cancer patterns in India are influenced by a major burden of tobacco related head and neck cancers particularly oral cancer in men and of cervical cancer in women both of these cancer types are associated with socioeconomic status”. WHO warned that these cases can rise up to60% over the next 20 years unless cancer care is ramped up in low and middle  income countries.

Cancer statistics [ICMR]

  • In India after every 8 minutes a woman dies of cervical cancer.
  • Out of every 2-4 women who get diagnosed with breast cancer one of them dies in our country.
  • Mortality rate due to tobacco is estimated at more than 3500 persons.
  • The total number of cancer related deaths are7,84,821 and it remains the  second most common cause of deaths in India.