Dwarka: Community walk for awareness on eye cancer
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Dwarka: Community walk for awareness on eye cancer

Onlookers along the route not only applauded but also joined in the walkathon.

Dwarka: Community walk for awareness on eye cancer

Dwarka: Seniors Hub Dwarka, an NGO, and Centre For Sight, an eye institute, organised a walkathon for eye cancer awareness on Tuesday. Community people participated in the walkathon covering around 4-km stretch of Sectors 6, Sector 9, Sector 10 and Sector 11.  

Onlookers along the route of the walkathon not only applauded the people walking for a social cause but also joined in raising slogans like "Netra Daan, Jeevan Daan", "I Can, I will" etc.  

Motorists were also very cooperative. They made way for the participants of the walk. At some of the intersections, traffic police ensured that the entourage crossed without any problem.

Students from Janaki Devi College also joined the walkathon in great numbers with great vigour and enthusiasm.

On the conclusion of the walkathon, there was a nukad natak (street play) by students about creating awareness on eye cancer. 

Dr Mahipal Singh Sachdev, chairman and managing director of Centre For Sight, stressed that eye cancer is curable. One need not worry about it.  

The symptoms, as informed by him, are shadows, flashes of light or wiggly lines in the vision, a dark patch in the eyes that is getting bigger, partial or total loss of vision. 

Dr Sachdev thanked all the participants and the organising partners and presented momentos to their representatives.  Ravi Jaitley, general secretary of the Seniors Hub Dwarka received the momento on behalf of its members.