Say cheese because it's World Pizza Day!!
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Say cheese because it's World Pizza Day!!

Did you know that the first pizza was sold over a century ago?

Say cheese because it's World Pizza Day!!

New Delhi: World Pizza Day is celebrated every year on February 9. The day was first recorded in the 10th century from the southern Italian town of Gaeta in Lazio. Although the lip-smacking comfort food belongs to Italy, the modern day pizza was invented in Naples.

Interestingly, pizza was initially a to-go food as the working class needed something quick and cheap.

The food has evolved and changed according to people's tastes across the world. While Hawaii is throwing pineapples on their pizzas, Indians are including their tadkas and their butter chicken as toppings.

According to food historians, these loaded flatbreads could be seen as modern day pizza that originated from Naples around the sixteenth century.

A person who makes pizza is known as Pizzaiolo. Reportedly, America's first pizzeria was Lambardi's, which was originally a grocery store that started selling pizzas in 1905. It got popular in 1940.

In Scotland, there is something called a 'deep-fried' pizza. They do not bake pizza, but just deep fry the entire pizza, resulting in a delicious treat.

In India, there are several kinds of spicy pizzas which can blow your minds, quite literally! 

Today, order two extra servings of pizza for yourself, not that we need a reason to, because it's World Pizza Day!