Seniors find it difficult to cope with a mask. Here's what they can do
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Seniors find it difficult to cope with a mask. Here's what they can do

City doctor suggests ways to deal with the current situation

Seniors find it difficult to cope with a mask. Here's what they can do Dr. Shubhank Singh

New Delhi: Covid-19 has thrown us in a situation where we are forced to wear masks. If you want to be safe during the pandemic, it is a mandate to wear a mask. But what about our elderly? For them, it is not much beyond just the mask. People living in joint families and with their grandparents or with their parents know it better than anyone else.

However, when CitySpidey spoke to Dr Shubhank Singh, Centre Head of Medanta Hospital in South Extension, about the problems our seniors face while wearing masks, he suggested that they should avoid stepping outdoors as much as possible. Wearing a mask for them should be limited, according to him. He later added that people with ailments like a heart disease should not step out without masks. It is a must for them. However, it becomes a difficult task for them to cope with the situation.

Many elderly have chronic respiratory conditions which include asthma or COPD, covering mouth and nose can be very challenging for them. With the physical barrier of the mask, it becomes harder to even breathe. During the summer season, the situation worsens. Singh has suggested ways to deal with this situation.

Here's what he had to say:

  • Try to avoid close contacts with other
  • Follow 6-foot social distancing rule
  • Use a face shield instead of a mask
  • Stay home as much as you can
  • Check the weather before stepping out
  • Wear a comfortable face covering
  • Try to finish work quickly

According to Singh, wearing a mask will not only keep the elderly safe from Covid-19 but it helps them to stay safe from pollution, which is a cause for many diseases. Also, a mask can become a shield from warm exhaled air, which can later trigger bronchospasm. In bronchospasm, the chest becomes tight, which makes it difficult to breathe.

With the right precautions and adequate help, we can help our elders stay safe from coronavirus and other serious ailments. Stay indoors, stay safe!