This power couple is giving us major #RelationshipGoals
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This power couple is giving us major #RelationshipGoals

Here’s a couple redefining love, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic

This power couple is giving us major #RelationshipGoals

“We studied together, did our first job together and then we thought, why not stay together too?! Studied abroad where we spent most of our time with each other. Our love and passion to stay together was not just an attraction, it was much more. I think this is what love is. It happens and then grows deeper with each passing day, slowly and gradually,” says Priyanka Sagar Maheshwari 

Priyanka married her long-time sweetheart Sagar Maheshwari in 2003, after dating him for about 3 years. 

There is something else that Priyanka loves. Her makeup. So much so, that she wanted to make a career out of it, which she and her husband did. 

Sagar’s support has been unwavering since the day they met. From supporting her business to helping her start a salon, they have lived it all, and together. Her salon has 8 employees. 

Not just a salon, this power couple owns a cafe and a bakery in Noida, called Park Baluchi, which is the premier version of Pind Baluchi serving North-Indian Food. 

And beat this. They not only retained their employees during the initial months of the lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic but also gave employment to more people. 
 “During the covid-19 lockdown when everyone was throwing their employees, we retained them. We lowered their salaries but did not ask them to leave. We even decided to give more employment and extended our family to 100 people. Whatever the circumstances were, even our employees stuck with us through every thick and thin. It is a big family. We always wanted to be loved and I think this is what love means when you share it with others,” Priyanka quips. 
The couple went up and above the typical understanding and definition of love and served the community by extending their love to everyone around, especially the ones in need. 

Priyanka ended the interview with a beaming face and a her life’s mantra — “What you seek is seeking you!”

Take a bow Maheshwaris!