This is how Genz talks
This is how Genz talks
Kashika Manhas
This is how Genz talks
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This is how Genz talks

Are you a boomer? Do you get confused when your child texts you? Do their words fly over your head? No the words aren't dancing, this is just how the generation Z talks.

Here are some of the most recent slang words that might make your life a little more easier. Let your GenX mind rest and skrt through this ‘Dummies Guide for Boomers’.

  •  Yeet: is a word that means “to throw”. This phrase got famous because of the “Yeet that child!” meme. 

  • No cap: this does not mean you’re not wearing a hat, rather it means “no lies”. If your child says “I did not cheat on that test! The professor is lying, no cap.” YOU WILL HAVE TO BELIEVE THEM. The cap is sacred. The cap does not lie. Also, please talk to your child. 
  • Drip:  if you have the drip, you have the swag. Drip refers to your style, the way you look, your coolness quotient. Your sauce is your drip.
  • Sksksk: is a noise used by teenagers to express their excitement or humour towards the subject.  “OMG gurlll, I can’t believe a bird shat on your head sksksk”
  • OP: it's a gaming term that means overpowered. It is also used as a synonym to 'great' sometimes. 
  • Oppa: um oppa is big bro in Korean but I think the vibe is much closer to the term 'daddy'. No, please don't call your siblings or dad oppa. That would be very Alaba-wkward. 
  • OG: refers to someone who is old school. It's a phrase that is mostly used in rap songs and hip hop culture.
  • Wack: something that is bad or disliked by you is wack. Unlike ‘whack’ which means crazy. “Bro, my boss cancelled my leave.” “That’s wack!”

But as I read this again, whack and wack seem closely related to each other. 


  • Lit af: stop checking your underpants for a fire, if someone calls you lit af they mean you’re very cool. ‘Lit’ means you're ‘fiyaaaah’ and ‘af’ means ‘very much’. 
  • I stan: it means to support or to stand up for something. “Dude, I killed my cat.” “I stan that, bruh!” 

Note: Don’t get confused between ‘stan’ and ‘Satan’. I can assure you they are two different things. 

Now go use these terms with your child and let them know how lit you can be. Write sksksk when they say something funny and tell them they’re capping when you catch them in a lie. Happy Sunday!

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