Where should you sit in office? Here're tips according to Vaastu Shastra
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Where should you sit in office? Here're tips according to Vaastu Shastra

Sitting in the wrong direction can directly impact productivity and desired results

Where should you sit in office? Here're tips according to Vaastu Shastra

New Delhi: Many people may wonder that sitting in a particular direction can affect their productivity and prosperity. Vastu Shastra has certain rules and observations derived from thousands of case studies and they are also mentioned in the Puranas and Vedas. Many outcomes and predictions depend on your personal horoscope, yet your behavior can be affected and stimulated according to the direction you sit in your office.

There are multiple perspectives through which you can choose the best direction for you. However, it is your aim or goal which decides the direction to sit and it is the reason that no advice can be practiced as absolute. If you are a business owner, you may wonder that your team isn't performing according to your expectations. Then you must take note of the directions you have allotted to your team. Perhaps they are sitting in the wrong direction.

Sitting in the wrong direction can directly impact productivity and desired results. For example, sales team sitting in the south-west direction will become more static. They may think of improving their skill of sales but would not be able to perform well. They may feel they need to keep sitting and do the job, albeit sales requires constant movement and talking to people.

According to Vastu Shastra, each and every direction has a particular nature and attribute just like a Zodiac sign in Astrology. And it is the need or requirement of the employee or employer which decides the appropriate direction for sitting. However, there are few general Vastu tips anybody can practice for better prosperity and productivity.

Marketing and communications team or any work which is related to communication like corporate communication should ideally sit in the north-northeast part of the office. This direction is good for creative works and is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication.

Sales team should ideally sit in the south-east part. The zone of south east is governed by the fire element which signifies money and relationship. And the ideal facing can be north east or north west. Both will have different results. But if we look at the bigger picture, it will increase payment recovery and sales. The zone supports money related quests and selling solutions to the clients according to the their needs.

Journalists, content writers, and artists should ideally be picking up the east direction for their work. It promotes their creativity and ideas. This is the direction of thought and rumination. East is where the sun rises, the sun shines bright and artist's work requires shine. The east direction is ruled by air element which promotes communication and art works.

The accounts department and business owners should ideally sit in the west direction. West is the direction of gains and is ruled by space element among five elements in Vastu Shastra. The prosperity lies here. A person sitting in this direction would like to sum up things in brief and would talk and focus only around business partnerships and money. Generally people sitting in the west direction create good relationships with clients or seek money through investors and business partnership. However, if you are a shop owner, you may keep your payment counter in this particular direction of west and keep the facing of the counter in east. Possibilities are the person would tend to pay your demanded price for the product you sell.

The important point worth noticing is that whichever department sits in the direction of west, a business owner thinks to earn via that department. For example, if your technical team of software developers sit in the direction of the west, the business owner would naturally be thinking of earning through the technical services like selling softwares and strong technical software solutions.

The human resource department should ideally be located in the direction of the north. The north direction is ruled by water. The water element signifies opportunities and strength to look into thousand multiple matters. This particular ability to take a look into thousand multiple matters is based on the famous verse "Varun Ke Hain Nayan Hazaar, Indra Ke Sau. Apke Mere, Keval Do." Varun is the Hindi name of the water element which boosts the power of looking into multiple tasks and matters. And it is the key requirement of the human resource department. The HR needs to appoint the right talent for the company or organisation, which requires skill of seeing through people and their quality.

Note: The author herself is a professional Vastu consultant and writer. The views expressed are through her own experience.