Busting Myths | Should you avoid haircuts on Tuesdays and Thursdays?
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Busting Myths | Should you avoid haircuts on Tuesdays and Thursdays?

You may believe too much in your intuition which can also be misleading at times

Busting Myths | Should you avoid haircuts on Tuesdays and Thursdays?

New Delhi: There is no end to faith and mystical aspects of Astrology and Vastu. But we can not deny that remedies, like mentioned above, exist and they work under a certain planetary period according to your horoscope. Such occult sciences are hidden from plain sight and can be experienced through strong intuition.

A strong intuition is the ultimate gift of God. Remember the last time you thought something would happen and it happened in reality soon after? That is intuition, that hunch you get after meeting certain people. Emotions such as fear and jealousy may signify your own nature. But if you are an empath, you could be catching up on the energy of the person you are thinking about or surrounded with.

However, to give you a black and white conclusion, there is no such absolute rule written in books of Astrology. Yes, there is no rule that you should not get a haircut on Tuesday or Thursday in Astrology and Vastu. Such remedies like getting yourself a haircut on a particular day should be avoided. Such remedies are to be performed under the astrologer's guidance, just like you take medicine only under the supervision of a certified doctor.

Many astrologers would agree that nothing can surpass your ultimate destiny, yet remedies do work under favourable planetary periods running according to your birth horoscope.

People fall sick and are diagnosed with nothing. It is nothing but a metaphysical aspect of life, we call it "Asadhya Rog" in Astrology. Asadhya Rog means a disease that can not be diagnosed accurately under medical science tests, no matter how hard you try. It is that moment when you experience God in your life.

Nobody can claim they have discovered a God particle. If they do so, they are misleading you into a fantasy. This world will witness ascensions but as said this word has no beginning and no end, the world is infinite. All the remedies prescribed in Astrology and Vastu should not be followed blindly. Every act, every body part is divided or categorized under 9 planets, 12 rashis, 5 elements, and tridosha of Ayurveda.

To explain to you in plain and simple language of occult science, hairs signify planet Saturn in Astrology. And the idea behind not cutting hairs or shaving on Tuesday and Thursday is related to whether you would like to strengthen a particular planet or weaken it.

For example, Saturn rules energy which slows you down, disciplines you, stops you from doing something and puts blocks and delays in your journey. Mars is a planet of action and conflict. Martian energy makes you impulsive, now if you cut hairs you weaken Saturn implying weakening energies of thoughtfulness and thinking before you act. They may induce you into impulsive actions and as a consequence, you get cuts, wounds, or get into a quarrel or fight with people.

Individuals who have a habit of self-reflection and writing all the activities can notice such things actively. Saturn asks you to stay alert and take focused decisions. And similar is the explanation of Thursday. Thursday is ruled by planet Jupiter and weakening Saturn could possibly imply you become excessively optimistic leading you to delusion. You may believe too much in your intuition which can also be misleading at times. So our aim should be that we strike a healthy balance between intuition and logic; and patience and stability.